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BBQ Plates

entrees are priced per person 

Sandwich Plate: carolina pulled pork, pulled chicken, 

burnt ends of brisket (pick 1) choice of two sides...........................................$16 

Cowboy Plate: carolina pulled pork, pulled chicken,

burnt ends of brisket, texas brisket, sausage, memphis ribs (pick 1 meat)

choice of two sides, cornbread, pickles, sweet bbq sauce.......................$19

The BBQ Twins Plate: carolina pulled pork,bbq pulled chicken,

burnt ends of brisket, texas brisket, sausage, memphis ribs (pick 2) 

choice of two sides, cornbread, pickles, sweet bbq sauce.......................$23

Three Is A Crowd Plate: carolina pulled pork, pulled chicken,

burnt ends of brisket, texas brisket, sausage, memphis ribs

(pick three meat & choice of three sides, 

cornbread, pickles, sweet bbq sauce....................................................................$25

Blackstrap Plate: carolina pulled pork, pulled chicken,

burnt ends of brisket, texas brisket,

sausage, memphis ribs (pick four)

choice of three sides, cornbread, pickles, sweet bbq sauce....................$27


Sides, sides, everywhere is sides

*baked beans, *green beans *house or spicy asian coleslaw *bbq sweet potato salad 

*corn + bacon salad *mac + cheese *creamed corn *collard greens *chili mac 

*idaho mashed potatoes *maple sweet mash

*extra sides (supplement is a per person priced): *melon $2 *extra cornbread $1.50

*half pint $5.99 *pint $7.99 *quart $13.99

Bulk meats

*bulk meats pulled pork, pulled chicken/ pint $15.99/ quart $29.99

*bulk meats texas sliced brisket, burnt end of brisket/ pint $15.99/ quart $29.99

*memphis ribs/ half slab $21.99/ full slab $31.99

*whole smoked bbq chicken/ 1/2 $14.99/ whole $19.99

tastyplates/ tasty treats

for parties of 25 or more


priced per person 

*homemade tortilla chips & salsa/ tomato & red onion/ pineapple black bean $4 

*crudites/ fresh veggies & artichoke-parmesan dip $6

*old bay jumbo shrimp/ cocktail sauce, lemon $4 per shrimp

*seasonal fruit plate/ seasonal fruits and berries $6

*fancy fruit & cheese plate/ 3 local cheeses, fig spread, fancy crackers, spiced nuts $10

*smoked salmon platter/ cucumbers, dill cream cheese, fennel salad, capers, boiled eggs, french bread $12 

*meze plate/ stuffed zucchini, red pepper humus, marinated olives with lemon zest, feta cheese,                                   baba ghanoush, spinach yogurt dip, pita chips, carrots & cucumbers $12

*classic antipasto/ artichoke parmesan dip, herbed white bean salad, caprese skewers, 

grilled vegetables, homemade pickles, crunchy breads, sopressata, spicy capicola $12

lunch entrees

priced per person

*black pepper crusted sirloin/ (served medium rare) pasta salad 

with spinach, feta cheese, tomatoes & shaved red onion, tomato jam, apricot-ale mustard $18

 *cuban style pork loin/ papaya-pepita salsa, green mango & jicama coleslaw, 

lime & cumin mojo, rice & beans, corn or flour tortillas $14

*cumin crusted chicken breast/ sweet potato & corn salad, fire roasted tomato-pasilla salsa, 

sweet onion guacamole, flour tortillas $16

*goat cheese & polenta lasagna/ white bean puree, roasted vegetables $13

*grilled vegetable lasagna/ seasonal grilled vegetable, herbed ricotta cheese $13

*taco bar/ latin shrimp $18, cuban pork $14, cumin brisket $18, smoked pulled chicken $16 

(please pick one protien) and then there’s the rest: tomato salsa, salsa verde, arugula, cortija cheese, pickled cabbage, sweet onion guacamole, rice & beans, cilantro sour cream, flour tortillas 

*new orleans style catfish/ tony’s beer butter broth, spicy andouilli, red beans & rice creole sauce $16

*coriander crusted salmon/curry vegetable broth, basmati rice, date & walnut chutney $16

salads & sides

priced per person

*simple salad/ tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, sherry vinaigrette $5

*arugula salad/ port wine pears, blue cheese, candied pecans, cider vinaigrette $8

*orzo salad/ cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, roasted garlic, shaved parmesan, lemon vinaigrette $7

*dill roasted fingerling potatoes/ roasted garlic, caramelized onions, bacon bits $6

*thai pasta salad/baby bok choy, roasted peppers, carrots, spicy peanuts, sriracha aioli $8


please email or call Andrea with your order and any questions 617-680-1932. 

prices do not include MA meals tax. your food will be deliver hot (or you can pick it up) & ready to go. 

we will include plastic ware apron request for an additional fee. please give us as much notice as you can,) thank you!

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